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As a CPA/ACCOUNTANT you can create companies for each of your client. You can create as many companies as you want. For each such client's company you must specify unique ‘User Name' and ‘Password'. Pass on such user name and password to respective clients, as because it is necessary for client to start working with ClientExact.

Now download package from our web site and save it at safe location on your computer. You can also request us for CDs of AccountExact and ClientExact trail pack's installers.

Run the Installer from the saved location to install the AccountExact and/or ClientExact. If you have CDs for installers, you can install packages from CDs also

Open package from your desktop. If you installed both the packages as a CPA/ACCOUNTANT, you can work with both the packages as you know your CPA/ACCOUNTANT user name and password, and at the same time client's user name and password.

Logged in as a CPA/ACCOUNTANT in AccountExact by specifying your user name and password.

For the first time and every time after creation of new client's company within your portfolio, do follow process of download by clicking on “Download Company”, otherwise you can start working directly by clicking on “Submit” button. This action downloads each client's company's / new client's company's data from the server. For this purpose internet connection is needed.

Select Company from the list given about your company portfolio.

Starts working with it and sets up clients' book in AccountExact or do anything you want to do for like payroll, vendor, customer, bank, etc.

Upload such data to the Highly Secured Actax Server by Upload Functionality given within “File Menu” at “Main Menu” list.

In turn client will download data uploaded by you with user name and password provided by you. Client can work further with such downloaded data or even enter some new data. Then client will upload data to secured Actax server.

You as a CPA/ACCOUNTANT can download data uploaded by your client for verification and finalization

You in turn retrieve such data from highly secure Actax server for process the client books and after process again send it back to highly secure Actax server to be retrieve by the client, and so on.

Client need not come personally to drop off and pick up data.

Integration between AccountExact and ClientExact will eliminate need to enter data twice

You or your client can even do some task online with respective login name and password at ( ) like create paycheck, approve paycheck, view/download/print reports, etc. For online activity it is must that from either side (i.e. AccountExact or ClientExact) at least once data upload had completed. We provide information about data which was lastly uploaded from either side



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